Flexible workers, we've got great news for you

March 16, 2018

At Human Super, our mission is to further the financial circumstances of Australian women, with the goal of minimising the super gap to ensure that women will retire with more savings and security.

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce a partnership with FlexCareers, a job site that strives to empower flexible workers, the majority of whom are women. Because taking career breaks and working flexibly are two of the three causes of the super gap, it’s fantastic for us to partner with FlexCareers to ensure women find employment that takes into account their unique situations and needs.

With Flex’s motto being to #OwnYourFuture, we’ve identified a great opportunity to collaborate with them across social, blogs, resources, and events to help flexible workers realise great superannuation opportunities so they can own their future.

FlexCareers also offers a fully integrated suite of training and re-accreditation courses for skills enhancement, including their proprietary Relaunchships program that facilitates a return to work after an extended career gap.

We envisage a future where flexible work is the norm, not the exception. Where women are given equal opportunities to men and the gender equality debate is a thing of the past. Where diverse teams are thriving and leading by example. Where life outside of work is valued and work-life integration is encouraged and supported.

— FlexCareers

We look forward to the work we’ll be doing together to change the status quo of 51% of the Australian population.

FlexCareers was founded when two successful businessmen, Marko and Joel, looked around their offices, and noticed a very grave problem for corporate Australia – there were hardly any women. FlexCareers is changing the way careers work by redefining success, rewriting talent management and realigning workplace expectations with the workforce of today. 

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