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Do you know what your ‘why’ is? What drives you to get out of bed and do what you do?

For our CEO Pascale Helyar-Moray, it’s because of her two twins; a boy and a girl. They’re gorgeous little people. They’re unbelievably closely matched, in every way: same height, same weight, same strength. They have the same environment at home, and at school too. They even have the same IQ (it’s uncanny).

But Pascale realised that at some point in the future, she will have to sit them down and explain to her fearless, passionate, confident little girl that when she grows up, not only is she going to earn 85% of what her twin brother does, but the super gap means that she’s going to retire with $275,000 to his $500,000.

And that just doesn’t make sense to Pascale, at any level. That’s her why: that she has not one, but two daughters, for whom she wants to try and level the playing field. Every member of the Human Super team have different ‘whys’ - for their wives, sisters, and mothers - but we all share the belief that we need to change the status quo.

Human Super exists to change the status quo for 51% of the Australian population.

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